• Alex Hutton – Alex Dreams of Risk


    Alex Hutton is a big fan of trying to understand security and risk through metrics and models.  Currently, Alex is the Director of Risk Management for a top 25 bank.  A former principal for Research & Intelligence with the Verizon Business RISK Team, Alex also helped produce the Verizon Data Breach Investigation, the Verizon’s PCI Compliance report, was responsible for the VERIS data collection and analysis efforts, and developed information risk models for their Cybertrust services.  Alex is the veteran of several security start-ups.

    Alex likes risk and security so much, he spends his spare time working on projects and writing about the subject.  Some of that work includes contributions to the Cloud Security Alliance documents, the ISM3 security management standard, and work with the Open Group Security Forum.   Alex is a founding member of the Society of Information Risk Analysts (http://societyinforisk.org/), and blogs for their website and records a podcast for the membership. He also blogs at the New School of Information Security Blog (http://www.newschoolsecurity.com).  Some of his earlier thoughts on risk can be found at the Riskanalys.is blog (http://www.riskanalys.is).


    How the Concept of Being a Craftsman can Help you Find Meaning and Avoid Burnout.

    One of the endemic issues in our industry is burnout. This talk is a tale of how I came to grips with who I am as a security pro, what my work was about, and who my work was really for.