• Jeff Toth – Tacticool Mindset


    Jeff (g3k) is the type of person who says he will do something awesome for himself and then never do it.

    Anyways, Jeff likes physical security, locks, RFID, CTF, tactical things, EveryDayCarry and bourbon. He’s been working in the security industry for 4 years and has been in IT for almost 10. He helped put together this little shindig, organized DC407 and is now a part of DC813 and Tampa Hackerspace where he often is found teaching lockpicking or working with the Red Team meetup on projects or training. He hopes to one day be on a red team and to become a real boy.


    Red Teaming and penetration testing is becoming more like paramilitary operations as folks who have served abroad start coming home and find that their talents for mayhem abroad makes for a great paycheck back home.

    While reading about red team operations online, one might stumble upon blogs or war stories by these men and women and this can be intimidating. I’ll go over what you need to do to hone your focus to start preparing, and steps you can take to temper your skills. We will go over ways you can legally practice red team skills, some gear that won’t break the bank and some physical fitness tips.

    I am not on a red team, but I would like to be one day. How about you?