• Jess Hires – Physical Security: From Locks to Dox


    Information Security professional from Jacksonville, FL, physical security and locksport enthusiast, and general tinkerer. I operate the Lock Pick Village at B-Sides Orlando and other small conferences, and assist at larger conferences with the TOOOL group.

    Founder & Coordinator of Jax Locksport (an official TOOOL Chapter), Coordinator of Jax2600/DC904, Founder & Coordinator of the upcoming B-Sides JAX Security Conference, and President of the Jacksonville Linux Users Group (JaxLUG). I like to teach people about Linux, hacking, and lock picking in my free time.

    Pick all the locks, hack all the things!


    For this presentation, I will talk in-depth about function and manipulation of locking systems. This should be considered an intro to physical security penetration testing.

    To understand how to manipulate an system, one must first understand how it works. I will describe the parts and mechanics of various types of locks, to give a detailed look at how they operate. Systems covered will include pin-tumbler locks, wafer-tumbler locks, combination locks, as well as mentioning some higher-security systems. I’ll talk about various methods of attack for each of these systems (picking, manipulation, bypass, etc.), and the tools necessary to implement these attacks.