• Larry “@haxorthematrix” Pesce – Hacking Survival: So, you want to compute post-apocalypse?


    Larry is a Senior Security Consultant with InGuardians. He also diverts a significant portion of his attention co-hosting the Paul’s Security Weekly podcast. Larry likes to tinker with all things electronic and wireless, much to the disappointment of his family, friends and warranties, He has worn out three Leatherman multi-tools in support of these activities. Larry is also an amateur prepper and an Extra Class ham radio operator.


    Let’s assume that the world as we know it has come to and end. How? EMP? Financial Ruin? Mayans? Depending on how, it actually may make a difference to us hackers. Once we are at the end of the world, how will we get access to the ‘tubez? Likely we won’t, but we can apply the hacker mentality to binging it back. However, you’ll need to practice, be prepared and learn now in order to be the new Al Gore. Want to learn about the technology and hacker perspective to communicate with the world, when your “world” will end at the end of the block? If yes, this talk is for you.