• Lee V. Mangold – Open Source Security: Security Poverty and the Small Enterprise


    With 15 years as a computer and information security practitioner, Lee has built a diverse portfolio of high-tech projects and security solutions for dozens of public and private organizations. He currently a senior researcher, security operations manager and information assurance security officer for a US Department of Defense contractor, the vice-president of the Florida Cyber Alliance, the vice-president of the Central Florida ISSA, and a private security consultant.


    Small businesses are facing increased network security threats with minimal or non-existent security budgets. This often results in the small businesses falling below what many researchers have called the “security poverty line”. In this presentation, attendees will be introduced to several several free and open source security products to help secure the small business and, at a minimum, break the security poverty line. This will be presented as live demonstrations and also potentially include a giveaway live DVD of the demonstration to get started quickly.