• Rod Soto – Civilianization of War: Paramilitarization of Cyberspace and It’s Implications for Civilian Information Security Professionals


    Rod Soto has over 15 years of experience in information technology and security. Currently working as a senior information security researcher at PLXSert -Prolexic/Akamai. He has spoken at ISSA, OWASP, DEFCON and also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Pentest Magazine and CNN. Rod Soto was the winner of the 2012 BlackHat Las Vegas Capture the Flag hacking competition, and is the founder and lead developer of the Kommand && Kontroll competitive hacking tournament series.


    Civilian infosec professionals are now at the forefront of the nation’s digital frontier. This presentation addresses the potentially liable, unclear, and confusing blurred lines that civilian infosec professionals must walk through when dealing with threats from malicious actors. This presenter will show the implications of the nation’s dependence on information technology as a critical factor to national security and the profound gap between government, military, law enforcement and civilian infosec professionals in the private sector. This presenter proposes a new framework of collaboration between civilian infosec professionals, government, military, and law enforcement aiming to reduce the gap in between.