Saturday, April 5th, 2014:

  Speaker Hall One Speaker Hall Two Events Hall
8AM Registration Opens Closed
9AM Keynote – Kevin Johnson – Securing our Ethics: Ethics and Privacy in a Target-Rich Environment Closed
10AM Vikram Dhillon – Wrecking the ultimate defense: Human Body? Nasa Quba & Kausar Khizra – Windows 8 File History Analysis Open
11AM Keith Perry – Roll Your Own Internet of Things Search Engine Marcel van den Berg – Threat Intel Case studies: The bigger picture of SOHO router pharming and DoFoil H
12PM Lunch Break – Go Eat A
1PM Jorge Orchilles – Windows Phone 8 Security and Testing WP8 Apps voodooKobra – Encrypt ALL of the Things! for Webmasters C
2PM Lee V. Mangold – Decoding the Air: An introduction to low-cost SDR decoding Moses Hernandez – Stuck K
3PM Jess Hires – Physical Security: From Locks to Dox Alex Kirk – Snort Rules Writing T
4PM Rod Soto – Civilianization of War: Paramilitarization of Cyberspace H
5PM Dinner Break & Socialize

Play some CTF, grab something to eat at the surrounding restaurants, and meet great people around you!

8PM Evening Activities & After Party

Prepare for an evening of open bar, live entertainment from Sci-Fried, and hacking real websites for bounties with Bugcrowd!

10PM E
11PM T

Sunday, April 6th, 2014:

  Speaker Hall One Speaker Hall Two Workshop Hall Events Hall
8AM Registration Open Closed
9AM Luis “Connection” Santana (hacktalk) – Phishing Like The Pros Eric Delisle – Launching a Security Product from C-L;A-B;M-Z+% Jonathan Singer – Hardware Introduction Class

Training class – Sold Out

10AM voodooKobra – When Frameworks… Don’t Lee V. Mangold – Open Source Security: Security Poverty and the Small Enterprise L
11AM  Alex Hutton – Alex Dreams of Risk Larry “@haxorthematrix” Pesce – Hacking Survival: So, you want to compute post-apocalypse? P
12PM Lunch Break – Go Eat V
1PM Owen Redwood – On Training Students to find 0-days Willa Riggins – Hackerspace 2.0 Malik Mesellem – What is bWAPP? Web Application Penetration Testing with bWAPP

Limited Capacity!

2PM Jack Daniel – Survival Skills for Infosec Pros Jake Kouns – Bounty Hunters: Was Admiral Piett Correct? T
3PM Jeff Toth – Tacticool Mindset Elvis Moreland – The Problem with Government IT Security F
4PM Closing Ceremonies

Stick around for our closing of Security B-Sides Orlando 2014!

5PM Closed