• Vikram Dhillon – Wrecking the ultimate defense: Human Body?


    Bioinformatics researcher and former kernel hacker. Now trying to combine to two to present at BSides how security works at the level of biology. I have been a bioinformatics researcher for 3 years and have done work in protein folding, and sequence evolution.


    Most systems that we build are left vulnerable, sometimes on purpose and often times because of our carelessness. But how much time should be put into designing a system that can fend itself from almost every attack that you throw at it? A year, maybe few years? How about a few million years? The human body is one such security system with access to the most important resource which is your brain. Containing the breach and defending itself in very fluid mechanisms, this talk will take you to compare what has been in security to how body mechanisms work and how things like a 0-day, software and hardware vulnerabilities exist in the body. We hope that in near future as security systems or the design thereof can take inspiration from the human body in deploying it’s exhaustive mechanisms to keep the main-servers online even while faced with the most devastating breaches.